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This is example of Vlad's teaching style with one of his most advanced students:


Although the club is new, Miami has a rich history in chess. Many experts, masters, international masters and grandmasters live in Miami and South Florida. MCCC is an affiliate of the United States Chess Federation and the Florida Chess Association.


Whether you’re just starting out or a Grandmaster, the Miami City Chess Club is a warm place to learn more about chess, to watch others play, and of course to come play yourself. Please feel free to contact us or to drop by. We look forward to welcoming you!


Our tutors participated in many major tournaments across the US, including New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia and many others.


Our tutors

Vlad Yanovsky

National Master (2233 USCF rating)
USCF ID: 12812415


Participated in many major tournaments across the US, including New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia and many others. Won many major tournaments (prize of more than $ 5,000 each): North American Open Tournament U1600 Las Vegas, North American Open Tournament U2000 Las Vegas, Philadelphia opened under the 2200 tournament). Coached hundreds of students in Miami, who had outstanding results. Eight students were in the top 10 for their age group in Florida.

Yan Miellier

Professional chess player and coach (2202 USCF rating)
USCF ID: 14765816


"I am a part of Ukrainian, American and FIDE Chess Federations. I already took part in a few local tournaments where I presented myself really good! I am public schools contactor. It allows me to work with kids and teach them chess. One of my students recently won a tournament and got a trophy and money prize. I love to do chess, and if you want to become a great chess player-you came to the right place!Besides my professional chess carrier,chess improved my logical thinking,my math abilities and my brain in general. I have one of my students who is 70 years old and he does chess to keep his brain fresh!I love to teach other people how to play this great game. I have a lot of experience and I would love to share it. I am No. 27 in TOP 100 U.S. Chess players in age of 18 years. In 2016, I've achieved the title of National Master."

Gabriel Custodio

USCF Tournament Director (1818 USCF rating)
USCF ID: 15156927


Miami Dade College 2015 High School Chess Tournament 12th Grade 1st Place

Miami Dade College 2014 High School Chess Tournament 11th Grade 1st Place

Over 100+ hours of Community Service to Chess Clubs and Special Events

+5 Years Supporting, Volunteering and Working for Miami City Chess Club

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